Welcome to Live at Home Seniors

August 9, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ All Blog Posts

Welcome to Live at Home Seniors!  We’re excited you’ve come to visit us.

We have a passion for helping others and, in particular, for helping seniors live at home.  Our mission is to improve the quality of lives of others.  After helping my parents live at home as long as they could, I knew I would always help others do the same.

There are many good websites for seniors and aging parents.  So, why visit us?  We hope you find at least 3 reasons.

First, we created a community environment for you to share and help one another.  This includes sharing your best senior resources by adding them to the Live at Home Seniors Directory, providing reviews of senior resources you’ve used from our directory, and sharing your questions and/or stories with our community.  We expect that many of you will visit us for our directory alone, especially as the listings continue grow.

Second, our site is designed to be both educational and practical. We provide information along with realistic options for helping you improve your parents/seniors situation.  In addition to our directory of products and services, you will find resources and tools to assist you in meeting your senior’s specific needs.

Finally, because we know you have many other demands on your time and energy, Live at Home Seniors is designed to be your one-stop resource to help you with your senior.  In order to do that, we will be bringing you the best of the best we can find.  That means, we won’t be bashful about making you aware of other websites, articles, resources, etc. when we think the information might be helpful to you.  It’s all in the spirit of community and sharing.

Thank you for dropping by.  We hope you enjoy our website, visit often, find what you need, and share generously by leaving comments, adding/rating directory listings for products/services you’ve used, and sending us your feedback on our Contact Us page so we can improve your experience with us and serve you better!

Before you leave, we hope you sign up below so we can Keep in Touch.  We won’t jam your inbox with a lot of stuff.  We promise.  We’d just like to let you know what’s new on the website, when our newsletter is available, things like that.  It’s easy to sign up, just leave your Name and e-mail address in the Keep in Touch box below.