Turn Routine Into Refreshing. Shake Things Up

February 19, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Aging Loved One,All Blog Posts,Caregiving,Family Caregiver,Health,Library of Blogs, Articles & Videos

Routines, though, can lead to monotony and boredom. Even more so if your aging loved one doesn’t get out much.

Get your aging loved one out of a rut. Keep the routine, but get rid of the monotony and boredom. How?

If things are becoming boring, it may be time to shake things upYou don’t want to throw your aging loved one’s routine to the wind, but it may just be time to refresh their routine. It might be time to adjust something in their routine or add something new.

Shake things up. Turn their frown into a smile and maybe even a laugh or two.

Maybe your aging loved one lives in assisted living. The facility provides activities, but maybe your aging loved one likes doing something else.

I have a friend whose mom was in assisted living. She didn’t get out much, but enjoyed socializing. In an effort to meet her mom’s need she hosted “Movie Nights” at her mom’s room for her and her friends. Once a month my friend would rent a movie and provide popcorn and drinks. Everyone always had a great time.

Have you asked your aging loved one lately what he or she would like to do that’s not part of their regular routine?

How can you shake things up for your aging loved one and add a little fun, excitement and smiles to his or her life (and maybe your life too)?

I’d love for you to come back and tell me what you tried and your aging loved one’s reaction.