Reflect and Celebrate

February 28, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Aging Loved One,All Blog Posts,Caregiving,Family Caregiver,Library of Blogs, Articles & Videos

This is a picture of a little boy, maybe 2 or 3 years old, standing in front of a mirror. The mirror is on a wooden maple door. The mirror is framed in wood maple. The little boy is holding onto the wooden frame of the mirror with his left hand. He is looking at himself in the mirror. In the reflection of the mirror you can see a big grin on the little boy's face. This picture is in the upper left hand corner of the blog post titled, "Reflect and Celebrate"

It’s the end of the month. It’s time to

Reflect and Celebrate!

Every day I left a blog, a “gift”, from me to you. A “gift” to consider, think about, reflect on, and act on.

Let’s revisit some of the “gifts” I shared:

Will you leave me just one “gift” today?

  • Will you let me  know what blog post this month you enjoyed most and why?
  • Will you let me know what you want me to write (more) about?
  • Will you let me know what you learned this month?
  • Will you let me know what you tried this month and your experience, good or bad?

Here’s my final gift to you this month, CELEBRATE YOU for:

  • Coming here to read, even if only a blog or two
  • Considering even one idea here
  • Trying out even just one suggestion
  • Looking at even one of your family caregiving behaviors through the eyes of your loved one
  • Letting something here touch you emotionally
  • Sharing something here with someone else
  • Doing something for you even if just once

Looking forward to seeing you back here! Have a great day.