Lessons Of A Long Distance Family Caregiver

February 20, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Aging Loved One,All Blog Posts,Caregiving,Family Caregiver,Library of Blogs, Articles & Videos

It turns out that my work experience taught me much of what I needed to know and do. You see, much of my career involved managing remote locations. I wasn’t always able to be physically at the location yet I was still responsible.

Here are the lessons I learned that I successfully used as a long distance family caregiver. I hope they can be of value to you as well.

Lessons of a long distance family caregiver:

  • Lesson #1:    Stay in contact between visits
  • Lesson #2:    Plan your visits
  • Lesson #3:    Share your plan early
  • Lesson #4:    Share your plan often
  • Lesson #5:    Reminisce about the visit after

I hope you’ll come by next week when I share more about Lesson #1.

Have you had experience as a long distance family caregiver? Is your experience similar?

Are there additional lessons that you’d like to share?

We would love to hear from you.