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Welcome to the Live at Home Seniors Directory.

A few pointers will help make your experience on our directory more enjoyable and productive.

All visitors to our directory need to create a free account with Live at Home Seniors to improve your experience on the directory.

We only ask for your e-mail address.  So, why do we ask you to create an account?  We want you to find resources you need for yourself or a loved one you are helping.  We also want you to give back by adding free listings for services that you have found helpful for yourself or your loved one.  But, we want to make sure that the listings are being added by people like you who use the site, not a robot computer.  So, we have you create an account and login when you add or review a listing.

Here are a few tips for adding your free account and logging in.

(1) Create your account.  At the bottom of this page, there is a place to click to create your account.  During the process, you will be asked to confirm your account registration from a link in your e-mail.  Check your “Inbox”.  If you don’t find the confirmation e-mail there, check your “Junk Mail” folder.  If the confirmation is in your “Junk Mail” folder, move it to your Inbox and then click the link to confirm.

(2) Once you have an account, login to your account from the page that tells you that you’ve successfully created an account or any “Login” link.

(3) Once you’re logged in you will be on our directory where you can

  • look around
  • search for what you need
  • give back by adding a listing that will help others
  • review a listing that you have personal experience with

(4) Be sure to logout using any of the “Logout” links.

Next time you come to visit our directory, go directly to “Directory” on the main navigation bar and click “Direct to Directory”.  When you click “Add a listing” in the directory section, Step 1 to adding a listing will be to “Login”.  The screen to add a listing will pop up immediately after you press “submit” for your login.  When you’re finished adding one or more listings, logout anywhere there is a “Logout” link.  That’s it.

You’re off and running.  We hope you enjoy, find what you need, and contribute to the Live at Home Seniors directory!

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