WWII and other War Veteran Benefits

There is a long-standing, but little known, veteran benefit called the Aid & Assistance Benefit.   It is a special monthly pension benefit for wartime veterans and surviving spouses who require assistance caring for themselves at home, receiving skilled nursing care, or being in a continuing care/assisted living facility. Unfortunately The Aid & Assistance Benefit is little known and underutilized.

To see if you qualify, review the U. S. government announcement.

Additional information and resources are available at VeteransAid.org.

If you qualify, the links to the necessary documents for you to complete are listed below:

Keep in mind that this process is long.  Friends have told me that it can take 6-9 months for the paperwork to be processed and for you to learn if your loved one is eligible.  So, be persistent and keep good notes on:

  • who you talked to
  • when you talked to them
  • details of the conversation

Above all, the Department of Veteran Affairs, Veteran Benefits Administration, should be able to help at no charge.

Remember to be patient and persistent.