Money and Finance

Have you ever visited your senior and seen that the bills seem to be piling up? Are you concerned that they aren’t getting paid?

Maybe bill paying and other money-oriented tasks were never your senior’s strong suit.  Or, maybe they have trouble seeing the fine print or have unsteady writing.  There is help available whatever the situation, so you need to understand the issue fully to determine a workable solution.

One first step is to review their finances and their monthly bills with an eye to simplify and consolidate. You can make sure that whenever possible direct deposit payments and automated billing are set up. This will reduce the amount of paperwork required of your senior, and they may be able to handle the remaining items. If not, there are other resources available.

If your senior already uses an accountant, their accountant or a bookkeeper in the accountant’s office may be a perfect solution.  And if an accountant is not an option, the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) provides personal financial and bookkeeping services to seniors.  To find a certified daily money manager in your area check our directory or visit the American Association of Daily Money Managers.

Daily Money Managers are a terrific resource. I never thought of this for my parents, and I kick myself now.  I spent all those hours paying bills from a distance, and there was a solution right in front of me.