Solving Problems

Most of us who help our parents or other loved ones continue to live at home are often unprepared. It’s a unique situation that typically will only happen once or twice in our lives.  The learning curve is steep. Often, by the time you get up to speed and begin to understand all the moving parts so we can actually help our loved one, our caregiving has come to an end.

Solving Problems will help you if you are just getting started or if you have already been caregiving and are now puzzled by a particular situation.

If you are just beginning your journey, Quick Start will get you thinking about all the ‘moving parts’ that can affect your loved one as they continue to live at home safely.

As you continue helping your loved one and you need suggestions on what might improve a particular situation that has become difficult, please come back and visit specific Problem Areas as often as you like.  You may also want to visit Quick Start periodically to begin to anticipate potential trouble areas and start to take action before little problems become bigger.