Quick Start

The first question is usually ‘where do I start?’

The Quick Start Problem Clarification Checklist is a:

  • Guide

This guide is designed to help you better understand the ‘new language’ related to the concerns you have with your aging loved one and provide practical tips on possible next steps.

  • List of topics

With this checklist you have a list of topics in alphabetical order, that you can review yourself and share with your loved one.  Some topics won’t apply while others may reflect your exact situation even if you weren’t able to describe it.

  • More complete review

The checklist is a way to review your loved one’s situation more completely.  By reading through the topics in the Quick Start Problem Clarification Checklist, you may notice something you hadn’t previously considered.  Highlighting your loved one’s specific needs will help you create a personalized—and manageable—plan.


Once your Quick Start Problem Clarification Checklist is complete, you can learn more about the various ways that living arrangements can be modified to make it safer for your loved one to continue living independently at home by:


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