About Us

Live at Home Seniors was founded in 2012.  We have a passion for helping others and, in particular, for helping seniors live at home.  After helping my parents live at home as long as they could, I knew I would always help others do the same.  I didn’t know how or when and I certainly wasn’t thinking it was going to be now.  It’s funny how things happen.  One day I looked around and suddenly realized that I was surrounded by friends and colleagues who all seemed to be having issues with their aging parents.  I began using the experiences and learning from helping my parents to help them with their situations.  Before long it became clear that I was being called to help others in this way now.

There are many good websites for seniors and aging parents.  So, why visit us?  We hope you find at least 3 reasons to keep coming back. 

(1) One-stop resource.  We understand that your time and energy is limited.   When I was helping my parents, I didn’t find a lot of time in my schedule to research what they needed.  That’s why Live at Home Seniors is designed to be your one-stop resource to help you with your senior.

(2) Educational and practical.  Many websites provide great information, but you’re left wondering how to put that information into practice with your parents.  Our site is designed to be both educational and practical. We provide information along with realistic options for helping you improve your parents/seniors situation.  This includes resources, tools, and a directory of products and services to assist you in meeting your senior’s specific needs. 

(3) Community.  We know that we don’t have all the answers and folks like yourself can be of help.  So, we created a community environment for you to share and help one another.  This includes sharing your best senior resources by adding them to the Live at Home Seniors Directory, providing reviews of senior resources you’ve used from our directory, sharing your questions and/or stories with our community, and sending us your testimonials and feedback on our Contact Us page so we can continue to improve your experience with us.

We’re glad you joined us.  We hope you enjoy our website, visit often, find what you need, and share generously!

Wishing you many more happy and memorable moments with your aging parents/seniors.