This is a picture of a rustic open window looking out into an open field with a lake in the distance and blue skies with white fluffy clouds. Written over the image in black letters is the question, Will you keep the window to learning open? This image is in the upper left hand corner of the blog post titled, "Why Learning Is Good For You And Your Aging Loved One"Some of us at one point will stop learning and freeze ourselves in time. As we age we will continue to look for the familiar and talk about the past. Others of us will continue to learn as long as we live. We will continue to explore the unknown and feed our thirst for answers.

It’s my choice and it’s your choice you know. It’s my choice and your choice whether to continue learning or to stop.

I choose learning. I want to be one of those who continues to learn. Why?

Learning is good for us. I want to continue to learn and reap the many benefits of learning as I age.

Some of the benefits of learning and why learning is good for us, especially as we age, include:

  • Improving confidence
  • Improving one’s sense of independence
  • Stimulating one mentally and keeping sharp
  • Providing a sense of accomplishment
  • Helping one stay socially connected
  • Adding an element of fun to life

Do you want to continue learning as you age? Does your aging loved one want to continue learning?

What are you learning? What is your aging loved one learning? Are you taking a class together? How are you both benefiting?

What are you and your aging loved one doing to learn? We would love to hear from you.