Start Here

You’re probably busy and don’t have time for a long tutorial, so I’ll give you the basics really quickly.

There are 2 places on the Live at Home Seniors website that you will want to visit first:

1.  If you came to our site because you have a pressing concern, you would probably benefit most by starting with Solving Problems, which has 2 features:

  • The first is a checklist of potential problem areas to review, titled Quick Start, that are important to helping your loved one continue to live at home safely.  Start here if you have no idea what to do first.
  • The other is a look at each of the Potential Problem Areas in more detail.  Start here if you already know your first priority with your loved one, but don’t know where to begin.

2.  If you came to our site because you need to find a specific product or service for your loved one, then start with our Directory. This is a searchable database of products and services to help seniors continue to live at home.  The database will continue to grow as you and others in our community add products and services to the database that have helped you and your loved one. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us. We would be glad to try to locate that resource for you.