Henry Ford said, “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.”

Estate planning—which is another name for putting your affairs in order in advance of an illness or death— is often hard for most people to talk about, yet it is so important.  Knowing what someone wants for themself, and their legacy, is invaluable.  It helps ensure that there are no surprises and no one’s feelings are hurt during difficult times.

Because there is so much information to share, knowing where to start can be hard.  One way to start is to use a spiral notebook to record the information your loved one shares.  This is a more passive approach, and it often evolves over time as situations come up and conversations take place.

One resource is The Family Love Letter, a 38-page workbook that consolidates all the information your loved one needs you to know about their wishes should they need you to take over for them.  It is an informal estate planning guide, and having an overview will help you to be able to formalize critical legal and medical documents.  The workbook asks questions and provides space for the answers—so it functions almost like an outline for writing a letter to your loved ones.   Visit our directory for contact information on the Family Love Letter.

I remember using a spiral notebook when my mother started sharing information with me.  But, I didn’t really know everything I needed to ask.  So, as I read, I asked more questions and gathered the information over time.  I wish I had known about the Family Love Letter.


Elder Care Lawyer

Does your senior have a plan for their assets?  Do they have a formal estate plan?  Do they have a will? Has your senior planned for the possibility of becoming incapacitated?  Does your senior have a living will?  Do they have an advance directive?


These are all very important questions that are easier to discuss and plan for before you are in a crisis situation.  Estate attorneys and Elder Law attorneys help seniors plan for their future.  Elder Law specialists can also help make sure that seniors’ rights are protected should you or your senior suspect senior abuse of any kind, including scams. To find an Elder Law Attorney near your senior check our directory.

For additional information on Elder Care Attorneys, visit the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA).

The NAELA recommends you ask lots of questions when you are choosing an Elder Law Attorney.  Access the NAELA Fact Sheet on Interviewing and Choosing an Elder Law Attorney.