I needed mobility resources.

“I contacted Nancy to recommend mobility resources to assist my parents in making their Northern NJ home more convenient. My parents were looking to install a stair lift, hand rails for the front and back door entrances, and a lift so my mother would be able to easily get in and out of her Jacuzzi soaking tub, which she loves.  

Nancy is an absolute angel! She provided an incredible education, thoughtful insights, and specific contacts. What Nancy did was make a daunting task manageable. I will definitely contact Nancy as I need additional resources to assist my parents with their home.”



I needed subsidized housing and elder care support.

“I contacted Nancy to recommend subsidized housing and elder care support organizations for help with things like social events for my mom. When I got the resource recommendations back from Nancy, all I could say was WOW!  Nancy not only provided a report with specific governmental and community resources, she went the extra step to coach me on how to communicate the information. 

Nancy really hit the nail on the head!   Nancy found me resources I would not have found on my own and saved me tons of time. I can’t thank Nancy enough. If you are facing such challenges, I would strongly recommend contacting Nancy for help.”



Nancy has always been laser-focused on ensuring that the service she is providing meets her customers’ expectations.  Nancy is driven and motivated by knowing that the work she is doing makes a difference – a personal difference – to those she is trying to help. 

Live At Home Seniors, is special in that same way, and reflects the same commitment – she wants to be sure that her clients don’t get a cookie-cutter response to the most difficult questions that surround the care of an elderly loved one. 

She provides clarity to that maze of choices and questions that makes the process of elder care so daunting to the uninitiated.  She provides a flashlight to see the way through. 

Live At Home Seniors blends all of Nancy’s vast experience and strengths with her passion.  We are all lucky that she chose to pursue this venture.