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Hello! I’m Nancy O’Toole, and I founded Live at Home Seniors because I have a passion for helping seniors live independently at home. Several years ago I was unexpectedly helping to care for my parents.

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Live at Home Seniors

Live at Home Seniors

is a one-stop resource for busy caregivers—often adult children—who are helping a senior who wants to continue to live in their own home.

We’re a national resource of information, products, and services for caregivers, and we’ve created a supportive community environment to help you help your senior to continue to live at home safely.

Recent statistics show that the majority of caregivers are adult children, adult grandchildren, other family members, and friends who are assisting a loved one. Most are juggling families of their own as well as demanding jobs and community commitments. And more often than not, caregivers are unprepared and untrained for their new role.  Surfing the internet on nights and weekends, making call after call, and looking for referrals can be time-consuming and exhausting. And those efforts often do not deliver the quality results you need.

We understand that your time and energy are limited. Live at Home Seniors is your one-stop resource, where we help you explore what might be possible for your senior. Our site is designed to be both educational and practical. We have answers and solutions, but more importantly we provide guidance, direction, and a community for you and others in similar situations. We offer resources, tools, and a directory of products and services to assist you in meeting your senior’s specific needs.